Greenleaf Biotech Compensation Plan

Greenleaf Biotech International has a robust compensation plan for all investors.

Greenleaf pays you in 8 ways :

There are

1. Return on investment

2. Group Bonus

3. Sales Bonus

4. Voucher Bonus

5. Retail Bonus

6. Leadership Bonus

7. Welfare Bonus

8, Star Director Incentives.

1. Return on investment:

This means the company is giving you back your 130k as people sign up under you.

Each time someone drops on your tree directly or directly you earned $1.5 which is #570 until you get up to 130k back.

Pls note Greenleaf exchange rate is #380.

2. Group Bonus:

Here the company pays $22 on your weaker or lesser leg each time someone drops there. $529 is the limit per day on your weaker leg

3.Sales bonus:

Is the binary or pairing bonus which is $88 per generation. You earned unlimited amount on sales bonus daily

4. Voucher Bonus:

You earn 2% of online products purchased with vouchers from all your directly sponsored partners. You earn up to your 40th generations

5. Retail Bonus:

you are expected to buy PV (point volume) products of 15pv as a distributor and as a manager 45pv from 1st to 19th of every month so that you can earn 1% of pv goods bought by downlines from 1st generation till infinity 💃💃💃💃💃 no limit to retail bonus.

6. Leadership bonus:

Here whenever thou get to a particular rank in Greenleaf you are paid monthly. As a manger, you are given 3% global profit

I% travel funds

30% Group volume.

8. Star Director Incentives:

1% of the global sales is kept aside for you. 15% of global sales for your car fund ,house fund and trips fund.

7. Welfare Bonus:

2% of whatever the company makes is given out as point  monthly which is 1unit = $100 that’s if you are a manager and above

And many more.

To join GreenLeaf Biotech, or get answers to questions, please click any of these links below and chat directly with Idara or Mk.

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